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Discover a hidden gem and learn about glass blowing

2 hours of discovery with Laura

Knowledge in the craft of glass blowing

Discover a hidden gem

£ 25,00

per persoon

De workshop in detail

  • 2u
  • 3 tot 7 deelnemers
  • 15 jaar min.
  • Embark on a captivating journey into the art of glass blowing with Molten1090, a sister run brand revolutionising the world of glass blowing. Guided by Laura, this workshop promises an immersive experience that combines knowledge, skill, and hands-on experimentation.

    The journey begins with an introduction to the captivating world of Molten1090. Laura's unique approach to glass blowing, which began studying at Chelsea College of Art, before heading to Edinburgh College of Art, sets the tone for the creative adventure that lies ahead. You will learn all about the ethos of the brand, the innovative ways they ensure their practice is sustainable and ethical whilst never compromising on quality or creativity. 

    Watch in awe as Laura showcases her mastery in a live demonstration. Witness the mesmerising dance of molten glass as it transforms into breathtaking forms under her skilled hands.

    But this workshop isn't just about watching – it's about doing. With Laura's expert guidance, you'll step into the world of glass blowing yourself with the opportunity to turn the pontil or even have a go at blowing the glass! 

    As you learn enjoy the ambiance of Molten1090's beautiful studio, surrounded by their handmade designs. Sip on a glass of wine or a refreshing soft drink, allowing yourself to be immersed in an atmosphere that fuels both creativity and relaxation.*Participants should wear cotton clothing, ideally with long sleeves and nothing too baggy which can get caught on machinery when moving about the hotshop. Protective gear will be provided by the Molten 1090 team in the studio. 

    Locatie van de workshop

    De workshop is gemakkelijk bereikbaar met het openbaar vervoer.

    Deze plaats is niet toegankelijk voor mensen met beperkte mobiliteit.

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    Praktische informatie

    A complimentary glass of wine or soft drinks will be provided during the workshop to keep you refreshed and hydrated.

    Wecandoo - Ontmoet Molten1090.

    Ontmoet Molten1090.

    Glass blower

    Embark on a captivating journey into the world of glass blowing with Laura and Emily Smith, the sister duo behind Molten 1090. A distinguished graduate of Chelsea College of Art and the Edinburgh College of Art, Laura's 15-years of experience surround you in their beauty glass studio. 

    What sets Molten 1090 apart is their profound commitment to a circular design ethos. With an unwavering focus on sustainability, Laura ingeniously transforms the broken into the beautiful, seamlessly weaving fragments into the fabric of her next projects. Her dedication to local production and collaboration with UK artisans speaks volumes about her ethical and collaborative approach.

    Laura's motivation to share her knowledge is rooted in her desire to introduce others to her distinctive glass working philosophy. Through her workshops, participants gain an exclusive insight into her innovative methods and regenerative approach.

    Stepping into the Molten 1090 studio is a real treat. Bathed in natural light during the day, and decorated with beautiful ambient lighting of the studio's own design at night, it is full of Laura's collections and is a real hidden gem.

    Laura's work embodies not only technical mastery but also a deep connection to the materials she works with. Her  passion extends beyond glass, with a genuine commitment to nurturing the environment and fostering a sense of community through her work.

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    £ 25,00

    per persoon