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Meet Jennyfer.



Since she was a young girl, Jennyfer has always tried to stand out, to be different.

Her love for art has led her to explore different forms of expression, ranging from illustration to herbalism to clothing design.But she has found her true passion in jewellery. For Jenn, each piece of jewellery is a work of art in itself, designed with care and passion to allow each person to express their uniqueness.The artist uses a variety of techniques to create her pieces, including lost wax, stone setting, and silver sheets. But the true beauty of her work is the emotion she puts into it! Jennyfer creates jewellery that reflects the personality and style of her customers.You will immediately be seduced by the friendly and creative atmosphere in her studio.Together with her studio partner Orlindo, the jeweller shares a beautiful space in Ixelles where ideas flow and jewellery is brought to life.