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Meet Estelle & Georges.



Estelle trained in textile design at a major visual arts school in Brussels. In 2014, she left for an internship in southern Benin, where she met Georges. He shared with her his passion and expertise in the use of the Beninese loom for a number of months. Estelle stepped out of this immersive experience in order to finish her degree, before returning for a year to deepen her knowledge. She is continuing her Master's degree, working alongside Georges, and together they create bridges between Benin and Belgium, collaborating on unique creations such as a traditional Beninese loincloth woven in Flanders, and hammocks created by both artisans working together in tandem. 

Since July 2021, Georges has settled permanently in Brussels and they have launched their project together. They produce mainly furniture textiles and are keen to share the unique skill of Beninese weaving. They also work in an eco-responsible manner, and practice upcycling. 

It's through educating others that Estelle and Georges get to share their love of their craft. Meet them, and you're'll be guaranteed an unforgettable time in their company!