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Meet Tessa.

Founders of Molleke


Molleke means 'little mole' in Dutch. It is named in honour of the small mammal, often unpopular amongst lovers of 'beautiful' gardens. Working tirelessly, very much under the radar, yet nevertheless playing an important role in the ecosystem. Its work beneath the ground aerates the soil, on account of the long tunnels. It also regulates the number of insects and slugs on account of its feeding habits. Just like a mole, the Molleke team wants to spread some often unknown knowledge and occasionally forgotten values, by digging tunnels and connecting networks!

Alicia, Tessa, and Aline are passionate about promoting local products and a healthier and more ecological way of life. It was on this basis that they created Molleke, a place entirely dedicated to the promoting and raising awareness of a more sustainable lifestyle. It is also a place of exchange and learning centred around three interconnected hubs: an online and physical grocery store selling healthy products, at fair prices and with short supply chains, a café where you can recharge your batteries and enjoy "homemade" dishes, and a citizen space to discover and share best practices and knowledge.

This project is the result of three career changes, pursued with a common objective: to bring meaning to their daily lives. 

They wish to reinvent and share recipes for a more sustainable world and create moments of friendship and mutual support. One of Molleke's missions is to raise awareness and implement methods to reduce waste. The project aims to make the Zero Waste approach accessible and promotes its effects both individually (empowerment, saving money) and collectively (preservation of the environment and circular thinking, establishing links)

The project first came about in 2019, in the form of a 2-month pop -up in the urban greenhouse run by the non-profit organisation, Parckfarm Tour et Taxis, based in Molenbeek. After this trial period, Molleke moved to Brussels' 1000 postcode area, where they set to work at number 64 rue de la Poudrière. It is a producers' retail outlet in which you will be able to discover local, top-quality products! The venue is ideally located in the centre of Brussels