Create 3 natural plant-based hair products

Brussels, Center

Learn about homemade cosmetics and create your own natural hair products with Suzana, cosmetics maker

2.5 hrs of learning with Suzana

Knowledge in cosmetics

Your 3 hair care products: a mask, a shampoo powder and a hair oil

€60  / person

Workshop description

If you always wanted to have happy and healthy hair, with natural methods, then this workshop is for you. 

Suzana will guide you through all you need to know to create your personalised 100% natural plant-based hair care.

This cosmetic expert will show you what is a true natural shampoo without sulfates & tensioactives. You will also learn about the best natural raw ingredients that promote healthy scalp and hair such as ayurvedic plant powders, clays, vegetal oils, essential oils specific to your hair type.

At the end of this workshop, you will have made 3 products personalized for your hair type : 

- a hair mask 

- some powder shampoo

- a hair oil

You will have your recipes to make your products again and again! 

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Practical information


4 - 10 pp


Can be made private

15 years old min.

Workshop languages

This workshop is conducted in English

Meet Suzana Vukcevic - Oh Lou Lou!®.

In her thirties, Suzana was facing many health problems.

These were the product of a busy working life, constant stress, poor diet and frequent travel.

As conventional Western medicine offered no answers, she and her partner began to look for alternatives.

Her healing journey involved understanding what she was really putting on her skin. The skin is the largest organ and is extremely absorbent, which contributes significantly to our overall health.

This led them to discover the dirty little secrets of the cosmetics industry.

It turns out that traditional cosmetics contain dangerous toxins such as heavy metals, phthalates and hundreds of others linked to cancer, hormonal disorders, fertility problems...

The path to healing has been tenacious and has opened up a whole new world for discovering natural herbal remedies, oriental herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

It became clear that only natural and edible ingredients should be used on the skin. However, a 100% pure natural cosmetic product was impossible to find on the market.

This is how "Oh Lou Lou" was born. A small family venture with a big dream to make the world greener and better.

They make 100% natural, 100% organic cosmetics with edible ingredients and ZERO man-made chemicals.

Motto: "Can't eat it? Don't put it on your skin!"

Workshop location

The workshop is easily accessible by public transport.


Sophie K.

The 03/17/2023
Amazing workshop. Suzana is very passionate about her work and you can feel it. I really recommend it.

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