Make your own ginger ale

Brussels, Center

Discover fermentation and make your own ginger ale with Emilie and Pierre, fermentation specialists

Meet Emilie & her team
Fermentation Specialists

2.5 h discovery with Emilie and Pierre

Knowledge of fermentation

Your ginger ale

€59  / person

Workshop description

Welcome to Emilie and Pierre's beautiful atelier for an introduction to fermentation through the creation of your own ginger ale.

Emilie and Pierre will guide you through the fascinating world of fermentation by explaining the basic principles.

You will also learn more about ginger yeast, also known as ginger bug, its qualities and its advantages for creating ginger ale.

Then it's time for action! You will prepare all the ingredients to make your sweet drink.

Emilie and Pierre will give you advice throughout the creation process.

Throughout the workshop, you will be able to taste several ginger ales created by the specialists.

You will leave the workshop with a lot of new knowledge and your own bottle of ginger ale, as delicious as it is healthy! 

This workshop is offered in several languages simultaneously. The artisan will adapt the language of the workshop to the participants present.

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Make this workshop private and take advantage of thisunusual fun occasion to share with colleagues or friends:

Practical information


4 - 12 pp


Can be made private

15 years old min.

Workshop languages

This workshop is conducted in Français, English

Meet Emilie & her team.

A trained anthropologist and lifelong gourmet, Emilie is now a fermentation specialist. Her encounter with Pierre, her companion, has only increased her curiosity for the different culinary worlds.

Thanks to her initial training and her Polish origins, she is particularly interested in the know-how of the traditional farming countries of Central Europe. The many evenings spent in Polish kitchens observing the intelligence and poetry of expert hands have left a deep impression on her.

Pierre loves exploring tastes and flavours. His experience of vegetarian cooking, world cuisine, French cuisine and fine pastry-making has refined his skills and sharpened his passion for flavours.

The (re)discovery of certain products and old or avant-garde know-how is the focus of his creativity.

Cultivating their vegetable garden and harvesting their products have taught Pierre to cook with patience, humility and simplicity.

Pierre and Emilie have been together for over 15 years now. Both passionate about cooking, they decided to start a vegetable garden. A decision that may seem trivial, but it changed the course of their lives! With an abundant vegetable garden, Emilie took an interest in the best way to preserve her crops and discovered fermentation. Together with Pierre, she founded Itinéraire Bis Gourmand.

This project promotes healthy, tasty and convivial food! Much more than just preserving seasonal fruit and vegetables, Itinéraire Bis Gourmand aims to be a canning facility for knowledge and techniques. Far from any form of mortifying museification, Emilie and Pierre experiment with them, incorporate them and share them. In order to do this, they base their project on three types of action: Preserve, Pass on and Innovate. It is an invitation to take a different path and to be surprised by it.

They offer their workshops at Molleke, a place entirely dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of a more sustainable lifestyle.

Workshop location

The workshop is easily accessible by public transport.


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