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Maak kennis met Emilie.

Ceramist and Porcelain Artist


Enchanted by the magic of clay and the transformative power of porcelain, Émilie explores the infinite world of ceramics.

She started with an internship at the Louvre School, then took courses in a small Parisian studio for two years. In 2006, she went to Belgium to study sculpture in an Academy. Five years later, this passionate artist began working with porcelain in a private studio in Brussels and kept on taking courses there for four years.

Her journey allows her to explore the world of ceramics with passion, and in 2017, she created her own workshop in the Brussels region and enrolled in the Beeldende Kunsten Academy in Anderlecht.

Driven by the pleasure of sharing her knowledge and creativity, she opens her workshop to the public and also teaches at the Paloke workshop in Molenbeek.

Porcelain and dance (her second passion) come together to offer her a means of expression and poetry that fills her. White, transparent, or tinted with oxide or enamel, the clay offers her the opportunity to create objects inhabited by movement and poetry.

Through her creations, Émilie seeks to capture the moment and movement by blending the joy of life, pleasure of the present, and everyday beauty.